Smart Factory Expertise

Reduce cost.
Decrease risk.
Perform better.

mQ Intelligence offers the world's best smart factory technology, bringing people, systems and machines together.

Our data-driven insights empower you to achieve manufacturing excellence.

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mQ Intelligence

Smart factory expertise

Our smart factory technology and consulting services use data-driven insights to empower you, the manufacturer.

Implementing a smart factory system empowers you to achieve manufacturing excellence.

Our smart factory expertise is backed by 50 years plus manufacturing intelligence industry experience, harnessing cutting-edge technology.

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Smart factory technology

Prepare your factory
for the future

The factory of the 21st century demands higher performance driven by data to continuously improve and do better.

mQ Intelligence delivers the world's best smart factory technology, tailored to what you need to be more efficient and productive.

Smart Factory Technology FactoryGate (FGX)

Let FactoryGate open you to what’s possible

The journey to lift the performance of your manufacturing operation begins with FactoryGate (FGX). A unique concept available exclusively to mQ Intelligence customers, FGX is the system deployed to turn under-performing factories into super-smart operations.

SAP Digital Manufacturing

Unlock the power of digital manufacturing

An integrated data-driven factory can adapt to rapidly moving forces of change, respond to market volatility or fluctuating customer demand, and negotiate input variability from suppliers.

Manufacturing Execution System

Expand your factory's capacity with MES

mQ's Manufacturing Execution System (MES) is your smart factory's 'brain', monitoring performance and providing live information so you can make responsive adjustments or longer-term strategic improvements to your operation with confidence.

Results you can count on...

Manufacturing Clients
Downtime hours saved
Losses Reduced

Our guiding principle

Six Pillars of Manufacturing Excellence

Manufacturing managers are under increasing pressure to lower energy costs, accelerate production, achieve deadline consistency, and create safer workplaces and more sustainable operations.

mQ Intelligence helps dial down the pressure by supporting factory managers with its ‘Six Pillars of Manufacturing Excellence’, a framework that ensures the smart factory transition is seamless and comprehensive.

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Bringing people and systems together

Smart factory consulting

mQ Intelligence is more than machines and technology.

We understand that people are still the innovators and change-leaders. 

mQ Intelligence works with managers and teams to ensure their input is heard and considered, and they remain informed during the smart factory transition.

At mQ Intelligence, we believe that equipment and technology is only right when it is right for your business.

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Food Processing Business

MPM solution fires up ready-made meals manufacturer

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Meat Processing Company

MES cuts through system clutter for meat processor

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Smart Factory Expertise

Are you ready for manufacturing excellence?

Achieving manufacturing excellence will make your business more efficient, profitable and agile, reducing waste and lowering risk.

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