mQ Intelligence
Solving challenges within manufacturing around visibility, productivity, agility & sustainability
Working hard at the edge to deliver integrated solutions that bring people, systems & machines together
Offering robust consultancy & scalable implementations that can grow, adapt & scale with the underlying business
Working closely with our customers to deploy customised, personalised Smart Factory applications
We encourage our customers to embrace innovation, to look beyond the status quo, to be a better manufacturer

mQ Mission

The mQ Intelligence mission is to enable manufacturers for the future.

We deliver robust applications & consultancy that improve business efficiency & productivity.

Manufacturing Excellence

Six Pillars
Six Pillars
We have identified 6 enabling pillars that, when combined successfully, help guide a manufacturing business on a journey to Manufacturing Excellence, with benefits such as being more efficient, operating with less waste, improved profitability, better agility and reduction in business risk.

Our Smart Factory Assessment is a way for a business to measure their manufacturing environment against these best practice pillars. Our Smart Factory application work focuses on one or more of these pillars, driving benefits across the value chain and stimulating manufacturing businesses to do more with less.
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Manufacturing Integration

Integration really is the “secret sauce” of a Smart Factory. When implemented successfully, we see manufacturing businesses doing "it” (integration) horizontally & vertically at the same time! We have several options for actual implementation of manufacturing integration, including but not limited to connected technologies such as LPWan / OPC / MQTT / HTTP / SOAP / TCP, database solutions, specialist integration products such as SAP MII (mQ is the preeminent solution provider in Australia) and our own innovative no-code FactoryGate platform deployed in quick fashion to provide … wait for it … CUSTONALISED solutions!! (that’s customised & personalised at the same time …. what more would you want?!).

Smart Factory Consulting

We work with your team to undertake a documented discovery process, to deliver a Smart Factory assessment & tailored Digital Transformation roadmap. This process includes on-site discovery, documenting the current state, identifying opportunities and building an implementation and execution strategy.

Manufacturing Performance Management (MPM)

Our leading MPM toolkit has been honed on countless manufacturing lines over many years, and offers manufacturers with a purpose built platform to monitor line performance. Data is collected automatically from the process, augmented by operators as required, and used to deliver real-time visibility, performance reporting & machine “truth”. This helps to drive costs down and efficiency up.

Manufacturing Execution System (MES)

An MES means so many different things to so many different people … from running a job, managing master data, scheduling work, quality sampling, showing production dashboards and more. At mQ we combine a modular approach with a robust software development methodology to provide a high quality MES experience for our customers.

About us

mQ Intelligence has evolved into a unique manufacturing solutions provider & consultancy centered around activities that facilitate manufacturing excellence. With decades of experience, we started our journey on the factory floor as automation engineers and have delivered a large array of successful projects in a range of sectors.

It’s our mission to ensure our manufacturing clients are maximising their potential to become more efficient, more productive & more profitable, therefore enabling them for the future.

mQ Lead Team

Kevin Hibbins

Founder & Managing Director
Thought leader
Mountain biker & Wine enthusiast

Shahzad Ali

Full Stack Solution Architect
Software wizard
Innovator & Family man

Michael Woodruff

Head of Business Development
Customer success facilitator
Bike rider & Travel lover

mQ Partners

mQ Intelligence works closely with a range of niche partner businesses to complement our Smart Factory Application solutions & expertise.