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Let’s hear it for the “E” in MES! (Manufacturing Execution System that is, not Many Excel Spreadsheets!)

Execution is the driving force behind maximising capability, reducing waste in processes and people, and therefore a catalyst for lowering unit costs.

At its core, manufacturing execution is the binding factor between people, plant and processes and is at the heart of all manufacturing businesses.

There are several key aspects to a genuine execution system and at mQ Intelligence we understand that data flows are typically bilateral, feedback loops enhance efficacy of the planning cycle, and interoperability between people and processes accelerate decision making.

Execution is typically enacted across multiple layers of the business, so it’s important to understand business requirements on a case by case basis. The ultimate aim is to narrow the demand and execution gap, reduce lead times and ensure adherence to plan. One-size-fits-all behemoth execution solutions have proven to have a high cost of entry, large customisation and implementation fees and a high ongoing total cost of ownership.

A flexible fit-for-purpose execution strategy facilitates data exchange between planning systems and the factory floor, allowing operations to be executed in a timely, consistent and believable manner, whilst maintaining a high level of realism.

These questions are common across manufacturing, however by definition, the processes differ across different businesses due to their changing product mix and circumstances. Our experience has shown that using an execution framework that can be adjusted for different business needs, produces the optimum result.

A defined and balanced execution strategy drives productivity and provides a major feedback loop to enhance manufacturing visibility, in turn providing critical input to maximise inventory accuracy and order fulfilment …. which leads to happier (and repeat) customers!

A well planned and well executed manufacturing process has a much better opportunity to reach maximum potential, attain cost targets and move the business closer toward Excellence.

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