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With the existence and explosion of today’s data-driven world and the ever-expanding portfolio of connected devices, people and systems, there’s a growing appetite for integration.

The emergence of products to capitalise on the Internet of Things, or IoT, is testament to the growing need for an integrated world. There is a desire to access, view and interrogate data more than ever before.

An integrated business can adapt to ever moving forces of variability, respond to changing customer demand and better handle input variability from suppliers.

We use our phones to check emails, our computers to do banking, our iPads to play movies and our watches to record heart-beats.

There is a growing expectation that data is available, accessible, interoperable and that it’s in realtime, trusted and contextualised.

The manufacturing plant of today, striving for manufacturing excellence, requires a high level of integration.

At mQ Intelligence we understand that integration is a key enabler in the journey toward manufacturing excellence and as such it plays a key role at the heart of our mQ philosophy.

Integration encompasses the:

We have seen empirically that a connected manufacturing business is more likely to achieve excellence. The traditional ‘silos of data’ (and knowledge, and wisdom, and experience) can be broken down, data-joined, shared and collaborated.

This approach then moves the business toward the utopia of our mantra, “a single version of the truth.”

This approach also captures disparate data to assist with synchronisation, reconciliation and contextualisation. Many times we’ve seen cause and effect relationships exposed, that were previously hidden.

An integrated business has a solid and structural framework to underpin operational excellence, facilitate and maximise gain from continuous improvement initiatives and to realise and leverage synergies, expertise and knowledge across the business landscape.

It simply makes the business more agile.

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