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Manufacturing Execution System cuts through system clutter for meat processor

A leading global supplier of premium quality certified organic meat has significantly improved traceability with the installation of an mQ Intelligence Manufacturing Execution System (MES), improving product integrity and safety.

The result is among a raft of benefits the company has achieved since replacing its varying system of equipment installed over many years by different suppliers. 

The technical debt carried by the business produced a heavy reliance on legacy software, manual processes, and machine set-up. 

Key staff dependency was also an issue, particularly for a business growing quickly and needing to manage data better, reduce risk and allow the business to gain control of the manufacturing environment without dipping in productivity.

mQ Intelligence designed and implemented a fully integrated, purpose-built MES software solution that could be implemented in stages to minimise business interruption.

Combining licence-free mQ modules and standard database integration and web technologies, the solution automates data flows between people, systems and equipment, allowing real-time data collection for business-wide visibility. 

Easy-to-use touch-screen HMIs on the line enable operator engagement.

The results according to the company’s production manager have seen a streamlined execution of manufacturing orders in a paperless environment, allowing the shopfloor operators to execute the plan in a coordinated way.

And by implementing ‘one source of truth’, particularly for mixed-vendor equipment such as weigh price labellers, the business risk has been greatly reduced.

“Our traceability system is now second to none,” the manager said.

“It’s now possible to track what was made where, when it was made and who made it, down to the individual unit.”

Other benefits include:

  • Inventory accuracy: Automated interfaces between the shopfloor and the business systems has reduced inaccuracies and improved data quality.
  • Better insight: The web-based portal has allowed key business staff instant access to important data in real-time, securely and efficiently.
  • Information made easy: Data flows seamlessly between the business system and the shop floor and conversely in real-time.


“It’s a trusted data loop,” the manager said.

“It has transformed information management within the business.

“The mQ MES installation has allowed the business to operate more efficiently, and with lower business risk due to legacy systems and key staff dependency. 

“It is helping us get better continuously and is a cornerstone of our business activity and growth.”

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