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Manufacturing Performance Management fires up ready-made meals manufacturer

Manufacturing Performance Management installed by mQ Intelligence has accelerated productivity for a manufacturing business in a high-growth phase and operating a world-class state-of-the art facility specialising in fresh ready-made meals.

mQ Intelligence was commissioned by the fast-growing business when new product lines and increased volumes were placing added pressure on the operation to increase efficiencies and react to a fast-paced macro environment. 

This was despite several modern processing and packaging lines at the site, albeit lacking an overarching system to collect data to analyse performance and productivity, and to help the continuous improvement journey.

Leveraging available data sources already present on the processing and packaging lines, mQ installed its leading Manufacturing Performance Management (MPM) software, an innovative application that captures real-time data direct from the process. 

Data is transformed and presented to operators directly on the shopfloor, who can interact with and augment the system. 

Site-wide visibility of the information allows key business users to view and act upon it as required. 

The system provides data in the form of key performance metrics, production data, and charts and reports.

According to the company’s production manager, connecting MPM directly to the underlying equipment quickly revealed that each line had a “heartbeat”.

“This real data is collected 24-7 and everybody can see what’s happening,” they said.

The cascading benefits have also extended to higher productivity and “happier people” operating the plant, the manager said.

“It’s often easy to not count, or not even detect events such as small stops, time lost around breaks and rate loss,” they said.

“Since MPM, productivity around people-driven stops has increased dramatically.

“For operators, it was difficult to manually record stoppages and why they occurred, so they often got missed. MPM is so easy for the operators to use and interact with.”

With the new system up and running, continuous improvement has become part of the daily rhythm of the plant, with information and insight now available both in real-time and historically archived. 

“It has transformed the business, enabling continuous improvement,” the manager said.

“Overall Equipment Effectiveness: (OEE) is up more than 21%. The MPM system extracts data from any part of the line then transforms and collates it into meaningful information.

“The MPM system was easily installed and configured, and since then we’ve seen noticeable improvement around people-driven stops such as breaks and changeovers.

“We are better operationally, and we now make data-driven decisions.”

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