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mQ Intelligence offers smart factory technology solutions that help you achieve manufacturing excellence.

Smart Factory Technology FactoryGate (FGX)


FactoryGate opens factory managers to new possibilities, bringing all their site’s critical data points together, offering uninhibited 360 views of the total operation. Using FactoryGate, plant managers can link up the performance of their machinery assets to such data as their ERP, Salesforce, WHS notifiable incidents and purchase orders.

SAP Digital Manufacturing

Digital Manufacturing

The quickest pathway to strengthen and grow your operation is to take command of the new digital tools that will give you control. With control comes the confidence to make data-enriched decisions and depart from the old ways of working.

Manufacturing Execution System

Manufacturing Execution System (MES)

Give your factory more brain power with mQ's Manufacturing Execution System, providing comprehensive monitoring of the digitised assembly line and live feedback to factory managers in the right place at the right time.


Our own no-code platform

FactoryGate (FGX)

The journey to lift the performance of your manufacturing operation begins with FactoryGate.

A unique concept available exclusively to mQ Intelligence customers, FactoryGate is the system deployed to turn under-performing factories into super-smart operations.

Confused where to start? Overwhelmed by detail? FGX is your step-by-step blueprint for success, putting manufacturing excellence within easy reach.

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FactoryGate results that add up...

Downtime hours saved
Losses Reduced
Manufacturing Clients

Data-driven performance

Digital Manufacturing

Digital manufacturing is the cornerstone of the mQ Intelligence service, proving a major drawcard for some of the world’s biggest food brands looking to improve efficiency and capability.

Is your operation under stress and constantly at risk of missing deadlines? A digital manufacturing overhaul is easier to implement than you think.

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Digital Manufacturing makes a real impact...

"The MPM system was easily installed and configured. Since then we've seen noticeable improvement around people driven stops such as breaks and changeovers. We are better operationally and we now make data driven decisions."
Head of Manufacturing
Manufacturing Performance Management (MPM)

Driving your business forward

Manufacturing Performance Management (MPM)

The better machines run, the better the factory operates, creating opportunities to improve efficiency, safety, and resource planning, while reducing waste and energy costs.

Factory managers are turning to mQ Intelligence and its MPM programme which uses a highly specialised device that can tell them with pinpoint accuracy how their machines are performing.

If you are unsure how your machines are performing, call in mQ Intelligence to provide a comprehensive health-check on their functionality and to report on how well they are meeting the needs of your business.

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Smart Factory Insights

Manufacturing Execution System (MES)

A highly functioning MES, aligned to the ‘legs and arms’ of the factory tasked with creating and moving its designated product line, creates an agile and sustainable business.

Do you feel that all the components of your operation are disconnected and getting in the way of higher productivity? It could be time to bring MES into your business.

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Manufacturers love our MES installations...

"The mQ MES installation has allowed the business to operate more efficiently, and with less business risk due to legacy systems and key staff dependency. It is helping us get better continuously and is a cornerstone of our business activity and growth."
Head of Manufacturing

Smart Factory Expertise

Are you ready for manufacturing excellence?

Achieving manufacturing excellence will make your business more efficient, operating with less waste, improved profitability, better agility and reduction in business risk.

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